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“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ~C.S. Lewis

Nelson Mandela


Bibliographic Information: Nelson Mandela. Written and Illustrated by Kadir Nelson. Published by Katherine Tegen Books, c. 2013

Lexile Level: 960

Synopsis: This beautifully illustrated biography follows Nelson Mandela from his life in a rural African village to his election as the President of South Africa.  It highlights Nelson’s realization of the harsh realities of apartheid law his determination to bring justice to the people of South Africa.

Rationale for Classroom Use: This text could be used as an example of sequencing.  Students could pull out key events to create a timeline of Mandela’s life.  Students could also look closely at the events of Mandela’s life and notice how they lead to him being elected to lead his country.

Common Core Connection

4.RI..3. Explain events, procedures, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text, including what happened and why, based on specific information in the text.

4.RI.5. Describe the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of a text.


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I am an elementary school teacher with five years of experience in 4th and 5th grades. I am taking a year off from teaching to get my masters in Reading through the New Literacies and Global Learning program at NC State University.

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