Teaching Children's Literature

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ~C.S. Lewis

Children Make Terrible Pets


Brown, Peter. Children Make Terrible Pets. New York: Little, Brown, 2010.

Genre: modern fantasy, picturebook

Reading Level: AD260L

Summary: This is a silly role-reversal kind of story. A bear named Lucy comes across a little boy, who she names Squeaker, when she is playing in the woods. She takes him home and her mom reluctantly allows Lucy to keep him. They did everything together, but taking care of a little boy proves to be too much of a responsibility for Lucy. Squeaker goes missing and she tracks him back to his home where he lives with his family. She learns that her mother was right after all: children make terrible pets.

Rationale for Classroom Use: Students will respond in their journal about a pet that they own or would like to own, and then list their responsibilities in caring for the pet. Discuss as class why children make terrible pets.


Common Core Connection: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.2.7 Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.


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