Teaching Children's Literature

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ~C.S. Lewis

Goose and Duck


Bibliographic Information: George, J. C., & Lamont, P. (2008). Goose and duck. New York, NY: Laura Geringer Books.

Reading Level:  370L

Synopsis: A baby goose thinks the boy who found it by the lake is its mother, and a baby duck thinks the goose is its mother! Hopping, eating, sitting and sleeping, the goose and duck copy the boy’s every move. Eventually, the birds discover who they really are and fly away with different flocks for the winter.  This funny story is a great beginning reader book full of colorful and realistic illustrations.

Rationale for Classroom Use:  This would be a great book to use when introducing nouns and verbs.  The class could create a t-chart together to record all of the nouns and verbs found in the text.  Focusing on one page at a time, students can turn and discuss the different nouns and verbs they see.  The teacher can call on different students to come and place highlighter tape over the nouns and verbs as she/he records them on the t-chart. Another extension activity idea is to have the students act out the verbs they find on each page.

Common Core Connection:

L.K.1b:  Use frequently occurring nouns and verbs.


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