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“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ~C.S. Lewis

I Love My New Toy!

Beginning Reader Book: 

Cover of "I Love My New Toy! (An Elephant...

Cover via Amazon

I Love My New Toy!  Written and Illustrated by:  Mo Willems, Hyperion Books for Children, 2008, 64 pp.

Reading Level:  10L

Synopsis:  In this book written for beginner readers, Piggie gets a new toy and shows it to Elephant.  The two friends play with the toy until Elephant accidentally “breaks” it.  Piggie becomes very mad at Elephant until the two realize that being friends is much more important than a toy (which actually isn’t broken, it’s called a break and snap toy).

Rationale for Use:  This would be a great book to use in a kindergarten class.  The book has a lot of short words that repeat that would be very helpful to readers who are just learning sight words.  This book also teaches a valuable lesson; that friends are more important than toys.

 Common Core Connection:  Teachers of beginning readers would be able to connect this book to the common core by having students identify characters, setting, and important details about the story.  This book also has excellent illustrations so the students could identify the relationship between the text and the pictures.


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