Teaching Children's Literature

“A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” ~C.S. Lewis

Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.)

Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.). Written  by Barbara Park and illustrated by Denise Brunkus. New York: Scholastic Inc., c2005.

Reading Level: Lexile 400L

Synopsis: Junie B.’s classroom is getting ready for Christmas. Her class is doing Secret Santa and of course she draws her enemy’s name, May. Junie B. wants to get back at May and give her coal for her Secret Santa gift. At the last minute, Junie B. started feeling guilty about what she was going to do and decided to give May the best present ever, a Squeez-a-burp.

Rationale for Use in the Classroom: holiday read aloud, character education

Content Area Connections:

Character Education- teaches kindness and making good choices

Possible Areas of Concern: understanding Junie B.’s speech because it is not always grammatically correct


About jdierk

I am a first-grade teacher working on my MEd in Elementary Education with a focus in literacy.

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